Paul D. Guglielmo

Attorney Profiles

John A. Daddona
Joseph Geller
Eliza A. Guglielmo

Founding Attorney

Admitted: 1978 State Bar of Arizona

Law School: University of Arizona

College: Arizona State University

Managing Attorney

Arizona Attorney

Admitted: 2010 State Bar of Arizona

    - 2007 State Bar of Connecticut

    - 2007 State Bar of Pennsylvania

Law School: Quinnipiac University School of Law

College: University of Connecticut

Nevada Attorney


New Mexico Attorney

Admitted: 2016 State Bar of New Mexico

Law School: Arizona Summit Law School

College: University of Arizona


Colorado Attorney

Utah Attorney

Colorado Attorney

Admitted: 2009 State Bar of Colorado

  - 2014 State Bar of New Mexico

  - 2014 State Bar of Nevada

  - 2017 State Bar of Utah

Law School: University of Denver Law School

College: California Polytechnic State University

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